There's a lot that goes into keeping camp running, we don't just show up in July to unlock everything! Rainbow Camp relies on a team of dedicated volunteers year round to keep up with the buildings and grounds. Whatever your skillset we would love to have you for a workday. Generally we have an organized group on the third Sunday of each month, from the time the snow melts to October, from around 9am to 2pm. Email Mom Whalen at nnwhalen@comcast.net to let us know you'd like to come down. She can give you an idea of the projects we'll be working on, and what equipment (Shovels, Rakes, Gloves, Etc) you might want to bring.

If you are interested in getting together a group to work on a large project together at camp on another day, such as raking, shingling, landscaping, or building maintenance contact us to let us know when you'd like to come down!

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