Legacy Fund

Over the past 60 years since RCMA came into being, much has changed. Trends have come and gone, technology has changed, and American culture has changed as well. But one thing hasn't changed, the absolute joy that girls feel when they come to Rainbow Camp. It's an experience that Rainbow Girls of all generations can share. They've all participated in exciting classes and learned new skills, such as: self-reliance, poise, and a cooperative attitude toward one another, all while being surrounded by their closest friends and having fun.

There's something special about being at Rainbow Camp, as while much has changed outside of it, within, much has remained the same. Girls today stay in the same cabins as girls 50 years ago, which the signatures on the walls can attest to. It's amazing being surrounded by so much wonderful Rainbow history, but we need your help to preserve and grow Rainbow Camp for future generations. By donating to the Rainbow Camp Legacy Fund, you'll help fund facilities maintenance and other capital expenditures, ensuring that Rainbow Camp, and all the wonderful things it has to offer, lives on for generations to come.

The Rainbow Camp Legacy Fund was created in 2016 to help give the property some much needed upgrades, as well as to prepare for large repairs in the future. The New England weather has not been forgiving to RCMA, most things are small, holes and tears in screen doors, are taken care of quickly by our amazing dedicated team of volunteers. However, sometimes we get hit with things we need extra help with, fallen trees and major building damage. That is where the Legacy Fund comes into play. Taking the burden off the regular camp budget, to quickly get our buildings and grounds repaired for another summer of campers!

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