If you have ever been at a store and wondered if RCMA could use anything while you're there, well here's your answer! We've created an Amazon wish list. Some are every day items that get used up quickly, and some are big wishes to replace old equipment. All items can be brought to camp while in session, or shipped to Mom Whalen. Her address is available at checkout as "Nancy Whalen's Gift Registry."

Click here to visit our Wishlist

Feel free to buy these items elsewhere or in stores, just make sure to click the "buying this item elsewhere" button on Amazon to let us know it's coming!

Things always needed are:

-Visa/Walmart/Home Depot Giftcards for easy store runs

-Latex free vinyl gloves in Medium, Large, and XL

-Soap and Sanitizer refills

-Lysol wipes

- Individually wrapped paper towel rolls

-Sturdy paper plates

- Plain white t-shirts of all sizes (Liquid Embroidery)

- Plain pillow cases (Liquid Embroidery)

- Plain tote bags (Liquid Embroidery)

- Fabric/Puff Paints (Liquid Embroidery)

- Arts and Crafts supplies like brushes, acrylic paints, embroidery floss, scissors, canvas boards, etc

-28in Arrows in sets of six (Archery)

-.177 caliber air rifle pellets (Riflery)

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