Swimming Counselor
West Springfield #79

Rachael currently in cosmetology school, hoping to become a nail & lash tech. This is her 9th summer at camp, and her 5th summer as a staff member! She enjoys crocheting, painting, going to the beach, and going for long drives. Her favorite thing about camp is chicken nugget day and of course swimming! Rachael's looking forward to being able to see everyone after such a long period that we haven't been able to see everyone, and is so looking forward to the activities that we have planned as staff!


Archery/Creative Writing Counselor
Wollaston #10

This is Cailyn's 5th year on staff and her third year as a counselor. She will be attending Salem State University in the fall as a freshman. This is her 8th year at camp, and she is excited to share the love she has for camp with all of the new and not-so-new girls. She likes to read, write and hang out with friends in her free time. Her favorite part of camp is either the evening activities or archery class, (luckily she's the archery counselor!) Instead of drama this year, Mikayla and she will be co-counseling a creative writing class! She looks forward to all the new campers and all the seasoned campers that missed camp last year and spending time with all of them!


Canoe/Kayak Counselor
Brockton #20

Clare is a third year Staff member and a second year Counselor this summer. In the fall, she will be a Junior at Anna Maria College studying Nursing and the Vice President of the Program and Activities Council. She also loves to dance. Clare has been coming to camp for nine years. One of her favorite camp classes is archery, and what she loves most about Camp is all of the memories and friends that she leaves with each summer. This summer, she is excited to meet all of the girls coming to Camp for the first time and seeing the smiles on their faces and seeing the campers for the first time in a year!

Emily T.

Fun & Games Counselor
Concord #53

Emily has been going to camp since 2013 and joined staff in 2019. She is going into her junior year of college at Umass Lowell studying mathematics. She one day hopes to work in the applied math field and get her masters. Her favorite things about camp are being surrounded by her Rainbow sisters and the hilarious memories made with them. Emily's favorite classes to take as a camper were canoe and kayak, sports, and archery. Outside of camp she loves to ski, go to the beach, hang out with her friends, go to local coffee shops, and snuggle her puppy nephew! She's so excited to meet all the new campers as well as see the returning campers again!


Arts & Crafts/Riflery Counselor
Oxford #89

Caera is a sophomore at Massachusetts Art and Design, where she is studying animation. She loves to paint, draw, and take care of her two frogs. She is also the RCMA resident animal lifeguard, rescuing countless bees and frogs from the pool (as well as from the Jon!) She teaches Arts and Crafts as well as Riflery, which were her two favorite classes at camp. She can't wait to see new and old campers this summer and help make their camp experience wonderful!


Liquid Embroidery/ Creative Writing Counselor
Spencer #72

Mikayla is entering her sophomore year at the University of Maine in Orono studying Psychology with a minor in Sociology. She's loves beaches, hanging out with friends and sunsets. This is her 7th summer here at RCMA and couldn't be more excited to teach LE and creative writing. After a tough year, she is so excited to have camp open and to see the campers back and having lots of fun!


Brockton #20

Caileen is going to be a Freshman at Bridgewater State Universiry this fall where she will be double majoring in Special Education with a concentration in Middle/High school and Sociology. She loves to go on adventures, hang out at the beach, watch sunsets, and go to the beach. She has been coming to Camp for five years and this is her second year as a JC. Her favorite memory as a camper is meeting her best friend Mia at camp! What she loves most about Camp is being able to see girls make amazing friendships that will last forever. She is looking forward to meeting all the new campers and making so many memories this summer!!


Middleboro #58

Ashlei is going to be a senior at Weymouth high school this upcoming school year. She loves being a part of the theater company at her school. She is currently Worthy Advisor of Middleboro Assembly for the second time, and is currently Grand Treasurer of the Grand Assembly of Massachusetts. She has been going to camp for 5 years, and she's very excited to be joining the staff this year! Her favorite memory of camp is during her archery classes she would always find arrows that have gotten lost in other classes! She enjoys camp for what it is, and she loves every moment of it, and can't wait to meet the campers this summer and create new bonds and memories with the other staff members and campers this summer!



This is Kristen's first year on staff. In the fall she will be a second year student at Salem State University majoring in chemistry. In her free time she is constantly on the softball field or playing outside with her dog. She has been coming to camp for 4 years. Her favorite class at camp has always been archery. She is excited to share her love for camp and help the campers make lasting friendships!

Emily M.

Brockton #20

Emily is going to be a freshman at Simmons University this coming fall. She is going to be majoring in Nursing after working as a medical assistant at a doctors office. She loves to spend time with friends and family, go on long drives, and (of course) go to Rainbow Camp! Her favorite thing about camp is making fun memories with friends. She first went to camp in 2014 and this is her first year on staff. Emily is excited to meet all of the campers! 


West Springfield #79

Mia is going to be a freshman at BSU this coming fall. She plans on majoring on English and Secondary Education and hopes to be an English teacher in the future. She will also be running cross country and track there. Mia spends a lot of time working as a lifeguard, but likes to spend her free time reading, skateboarding, running, and being outdoors. She has been coming to camp for two years and this is her first year as a JC. Her favorite memory as a camper is meeting her best friend Caileen at camp! Mia is so excited to meet all of the campers!



Mom Sharon

RCMA Board Member

Mom Sharon's love of camp started in 1989 at her first year here! She's served as JC, Counselor, Assistant Director, and since 2005 been our Director. She loves creating the magic that she enjoyed as a camper and staff member at camp. One of her favorite things about camp is watching shy, first-time campers mature to confident and outgoing staff members.
When not at the best place on Earth she is a Senior Program Director supporting day programs for adults with developmental disabilities.
You may may get lucky enough to meet her husband Papa Jay, her two sons, Connor and Brennan, or her two rescue dogs, Layla and Sammy!

Mom Steph

Assistant Director/Cook
RMCA Board Member

Mom Steph has been coming to camp since 2004, and we've been hard pressed to get rid of her since! She began on staff as a JC in 2007, and served as swimming counselor from 2008-2011. She has been a Main House Volunteer since 2012, and became Assistant Director in 2016.
She and her husband, Chris (affectionately known as iChrisRooney by the Staff), live together with their dog, Toby, in Natick, MA.

Main House Volunteers

You'll always see many past staff members and Grand Adults helping around camp during the camp season! Listed below are some of the amazing ladies here this summer!

Mom Whalen - Executive Director, RCMA Board Member, Grand Adult
Auntie Em - Past Staff Member, Grand Adult
Mom Alicia - Past Staff Member, RCMA Board Member
Mom Meri - Past Staff
Mama JMac - Healthcare Supervisor, Past Staff
Mama G. - Past Grand Adult
Mom Sarah - Past Staff
Mama Becks - Past Staff
Mama Megs - Past Staff
Aunt Becky - Past Staff