To apply for camp staff 2021, email Mom Sharon at and you may see your face here next year!


Swimming Counselor
West Springfield #79
Grand Patriotism

Rachael is currently a second year student at Holyoke Community College majoring in Foundations of Health so she can pursue a degree in Nursing. She loves to paint, go to the beach, and go on long drives. She has been coming to Camp for 7 years with this year being her 3rd year on Staff. Her favorite things about Camp are swimming and chicken nugget day! This summer, she is looking forward to Mom Steph's cornbread taco pizza as well as all of the awesome activities the Staff have planned for each week!


Arts & Crafts and LE
Georgetown #98
Grand Worthy Advisor

This fall, she will be a Junior at Olin College studying Engineering with Biomedical Concentration. In her free time she loves to read, write, hike, and take pictures. This will be Jessie's 4th year at Rainbow Camp. Her favorite part of Camp is doing wishboats because she loves having the opportunity to reflect and connect with others over their hopes and dreams. She loves the supportive and positive vibes that Camp gives to her and to campers, as well as all of the amazing friendships she has made over the years.


Canoe/Kayak Counselor
Plymouth #86
Grand Treasurer/Miss Service

Clare is a second year Staff member and a first year Counselor this summer. She recently received her lifeguarding certification and will be teaching canoeing/kayaking this Camp season! In the fall, she will be a Freshman at Anna Maria College studying Nursing. She also loves to dance. Clare has been coming to camp for 8 years. One of her favorite camp classes is archery, and what she loves most about Camp is all of the memories and friends that she leaves with each summer. This summer, she is excited to meet all of the girls coming to Camp for the first time and seeing the smiles on their faces!


Archery/Drama Counselor
Wollaston #10
Grand Service

Cailyn has been on Staff for three years, with this summer being her first year as a Counselor. In the fall, she will be a Senior at Braintree High School with the hopes of going to college for zoology or law. In her free time, she loves to sleep, read, cook, and bake (she makes the best homemade cinnamon rolls around!). She has been coming to Camp for 6 years and is looking forward to another great year on Staff! Her favorite class at Camp has always been drama! She has always loved acting, but was too scared to be in the school plays. At Camp, she feels like she can be herself, and loves to perform in front of all of her friends! She loves all of the friends she has made at Camp, and looks forward to showing all of the new campers how amazing RCMA is!


Worthy Advisor Spencer #72

Mikayla is going to be a Senior at North Brookfield High School next year. In her free time, she loves to dance, sing, and play the ukulele, which she often brings to Camp and plays for the campers! Mikayla has been coming to Camp for 5 years, and is very excited for her second year on Staff! As a camper, her favorite class was archery because she had never used a bow and arrow before, but once she started she realized how fun it was and has stuck with it ever since! She loves the friendships and bonds formed at Camp and loves seeing girls step out of their comfort zone and become more confident. This summer, she is most looking forward to making new memories with the Staff and campers!


Oxford #89
Grand State Flag Bearer

Caera is going to be a Senior next year, with plans to major in Art in college. She loves to paint, draw, and take care of her two frogs. She is also the RCMA resident animal lifeguard, rescuing countless bees and frogs from the pool. Caera has been coming to Camp for 4 years. Her favorite class as a camper was riflery, and loves being able to JC the class since she has been on Staff. One of her favorite things about Camp is being able to spend time outdoors and have fun! She can't wait to see new and old campers this summer and help make their camp experience wonderful!


Concord #53
Grand Drill Leader

Emily will be attending UMass Lowell in the fall, majoring in Biology with plans to go to law school! She loves to ski, go to the beach, hang out with her friends, go to local coffee shops, and snuggle her puppy nephew! She has been coming to Camp for 6 years and is super excited for her first year on Staff! One of her favorite Camp classes is canoeing/kayaking because she loves running tips, and what she loves most about Camp is how by the end of the week everyone is just like a family and you get so close with your cabin and every girl that is there that week! She is looking forward to meeting all of the campers and making sure they all have an amazing summer either coming back or coming to Camp for the first time!


Haverhill #39
Grand Nature

Meagan is going to be a Senior this year at Haverhill High School, with plans of looking into pre-vet college programs, hopefully on the West Coast! Aside from animals, one of her passions is make-up! She has been coming to Camp for 6 years. One of her favorite Camp memories is when former Staff members Megan and Becky attacked her with foam on Foam Day! She loves all of the friends she has made over the years and is looking forward to all of the delicious Camp food this summer!


Worthy Advisor Plymouth #86
Grand Rep to Oregon

Caileen is going to be a Junior at Rising Tide Charter Public School this fall. She loves to dance, go to Rainbow, and hang out with her friends. She has been coming to Camp for 4 years, and is so excited for her first year on Staff as a JC! Her favorite memory as a camper is spraying bug spray everywhere and trying her best in Riflery with her Camp bestie, Mia! What she loves most about Camp is being able to see all of her friends that she doesn't get to see all the time. She is looking forward to meeting all the campers and making so many fun memories and new friends on Staff!

Mom Sharon

RCMA Board Member

Mom Sharon's love of camp started in 1989 at her first year here! She's served as JC, Counselor, Assistant Director, and since 2005 been our Director. She loves creating the magic that she enjoyed as a camper and staff member at camp. One of her favorite things about camp is watching shy, first-time campers mature to confident and outgoing staff members.
When not at the best place on Earth she is a Senior Program Director supporting day programs for adults with developmental disabilities.
You may may get lucky enough to meet her husband Papa Jay, her two sons, Connor and Brennan, or her two rescue dogs, Layla and Sammy!

Mom Steph

Assistant Director/Cook
RMCA Board Member

Mom Steph has been coming to camp since 2004, and we've been hard pressed to get rid of her since! She began on staff as a JC in 2007, and served as swimming counselor from 2008-2011. She has been a Main House Volunteer since 2012, and became Assistant Director in 2016.
When not at camp she is studying hard in grad school, working towards her Masters in Speech Language Pathology. She also has her own calligraphy business! She and her husband, Chris (affectionately known as iChrisRooney by the Staff), live together with their dog, Toby, in Natick, MA.

Main House Volunteers

You'll always see many past staff members and Grand Adults helping around camp during the camp season! Listed below are some of the amazing ladies here this summer!

Mom Whalen - Executive Director, RCMA Board Member, Grand Adult
Auntie Em - Past Staff Member, Grand Adult
Mom Alicia - Past Staff Member, RCMA Board Member
Mom Meri - Past Staff
Mama JMac - Healthcare Supervisor, Past Staff
Mama G. - Grand Deputy 
Mom Sarah - Past Staff
Mama Becks - Past Staff
Mama Megs - Past Staff
Aunt Becky - Past Staff