by the Staff of 2019

Rainbow Camp has evolved over the years in many ways, yet some things remain the same. Looking through old pictures from the first years that Camp was open in the 1940s and 1950s shows that although the physical appearance of Camp has changed, the magic that embodies Rainbow Camp has not. Each of the amazing weeks that girls spend at Camp allow them to try things that may be new to them, like archery or canoeing, and make friendships and memories that will last throughout their lives. To keep the magic alive, we need to fill our amazing Camp with equally amazing girls. After this past summer, the Staff of 2019 was inspired to grow and build on that magic. And it all started with a little spark.

Cabin 20 is the last of the original cabins on the hilltop and shore. It sits atop the hill on the path to the lake, just past the six main Cabins, unused and surrounded by trees and overgrown grass and ferns. In the past few years, Cabin 20 has drawn the curiosity and attention of campers, none of whom have ever seen the inside, and has become a source of imagination. During the summer of 2019, many campers spent time working on "Cabin 20 swag," or different projects such as painted bags or drawings depicting the cabin, often with the words "Cabin 20 Pride" or "Cabin 20 Strong" emblazoned across them. Cabin 20 was last opened five years ago, in 2015, when many of the Staff were still campers. There were over 40 girls in attendance during one week of Camp that year, which justified the need to open Cabin 20.

Opening Cabin 20 would be a turning point for Camp, meaning we have over 35 GIRLS AT CAMP FOR ONE WEEK! Having 35 girls in one week means more friendships, more fun between the Staff, Campers, and Main House, and more memories! To many campers, opening the cabin would be like unlocking what feels like a Massachusetts Rainbow mystery, and allow them to feel like they've been able to step back in time and tick even more off their bucket list of Camp experiences. Filling Cabin 20 this summer would also strengthen the unity within our organization by allowing more Rainbow girls to bond with each other, and perhaps encourage girls to become more active in Rainbow because of the friendships they've made. Being able to open Cabin 20 this summer has the potential to fill girls' pots of gold in so many ways!

So, this year, the Staff of 2019 & 2020 has a goal to have 35 girls register for Week 1, 2020 so that we can open up Cabin 20 from the start!! We want the campers to experience an amazing week and feel the love for Camp that we have shared at Camp as campers and Staff members, and continue to feel whenever we think or talk about Camp. We want to see Camp filled to the brim with girls getting to share these experiences not only during Week 1, but every week! Let's #Open20in20 so that every girl can experience the magic of Camp!