Alumni Event

RCMA Alumni Weekend 2024 (21+)

Info coming soon!

Add to your calendar the return of our alumni event, this year even longer! Arrival will be 6pm Wednesday night, and the event will end Saturday with a family friendly cookout from 11am to 2pm.

There will be your classic RCMA classes available, as well as plenty of time for free swim, and of course some special activities.

There are three registration options in the link above:
-Staying overnight from Wednesday to Saturday for $250. This will include all meals, overnight stay, and registration for the picnic for yourself.
-Friday only for $75. This will be roughly 9am to 9pm, overnight stay and picnic registration not included.
-Saturday picnic registration only.

The Saturday picnic is open to anyone who would like to come, and we encourage you to invite family and friends to meet for it. There will be a cookout lunch and swim time. Registration will be $`10 per person for anyone who did not stay overnight, and we would like to have your total number expected in your party by August 1st if possible to plan for food.

We are very excited to see the return of this event, and can't wait to see you all soon!